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Unfinished Wooden Capital Letters 2 Shape | Craft Supply **Bulk Pricing Available** SHIPS FAST

Unfinished Wooden Capital Letters 2 Shape | Craft Supply **Bulk Pricing Available** SHIPS FAST

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SIZING: unless you ask us specifically, this is a specific font and therefore not every letter is exactly the same height in proportion to the other. If you order multiple letters the same height we type out the letters then create vectors from this typed out letters. The entire batch of letters are sized to what you ask for. Therefore the tallest will be exactly as you specify but other could be slightly shorter to give you the exact appearance of this font. Please plan your project with this in mind. If you want exact heights on every letter or if you even have a specific maximum width you need to reach out to us first or else you will receive what you ordered based on the process above. LETTERS LARGER THAN 24" WILL BE SIZED BASED ON WHICH DIMESNION IS LARGER (WIDTH OR HEIGHT). For instance: The letter W in this font is wider than it is tall so if you order 30" the piece will be 30" wide.


Laser Cut Wood Shape Craft Supply.

All items are precision laser cut from Birch wood with shapes ranging is size from 1" to 30" BASED ON THE HEIGHT. These wood shapes are perfect for your projects and are ready to use, or you can finish them in any way you like. On listings with multiple shape options please include the number of the shape you would like cut.

Need Large Quantities? No problem! Send us a message and we will make a custom listing for your desired quantity!


Orders ship within the processing time stated at checkout. Transit times are Etsy estimates and typically good estimates!***All of our items (unless stated otherwise) are unfinished and cut with a high powered laser cutter. This can and does leave flash marks. These can be easily sanded off or usually they are simply painted or stained over. This is typical and not a defect in the product.***


As with any wood, thickness sizes are nominal in that they can and do vary. Sometimes up to 1-2 mm. This is typical and normal. Our 1/8" material will normally be between 2.5 to 3.00 mm thick. Our 1/4" material will normally be between 4.25 and 6mm thick. Wooden Cutouts, Plain Wood Shapes, Paint Wood Craft, Wood Cutout, Silhouette Shapes, DIY wood shapes, Craft Shapes

Residue: Using a high powered laser to cut wood can and does leave darker edges and residue, especially on the sides. This can be wiped with anything alcohol based, baby wipes, or even a damp cloth with Windex. This technique can also reduce the burned wood smell that can happen (but also fades with time)



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